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Green & Clean Cleaning Services is St. Cloud's Premier Residential Cleaning Service.   Providing high quality eco-friendly green
cleaning services.  Green & Clean is locally owned and services residential and commercial clients by providing a
unique brand of individual service that is always dependable, detailed & discrete.

Basics and Extras

I consider "basic" cleaning tasks to be things that our customers want completed every visit, unless a prior agreement has been made due to time constraints. I can rotate through some lower-need basics over time to maximize my time while in your home. The expectations for the basics in your home will be set during the free in-home consultation, which happens before any cleaning appointments are scheduled.


My goal is to always exceed your expectations. Overall, your home will become cleaner with each visit. If I ever disappoint your expectations, please let me know through constructive feedback so I can make it right.

Things I Don't Clean

While I enjoy cleaning, there are some tasks that I cannot do in an eco-friendly manner, and others that belong to a separate industry. I do not pick up animal waste, deep clean carpets, clean cat litter boxes. To date, I have not found a green solution to get your oven as clean as some of the toxic name brands can. Tadvance. 

Whole House




  • Dust all surfaces, including items on surfaces.

  • Vacuum furniture, if you have pets.

  • Wash mirrors.

  • Wash door handles.

  • Wash light switches and switch plates.

  • Vacuum rugs, carpet and hardwood floors.

  • Dust picture frames & decor.

  • Mop hard floors & tile.

  • Staging.




  • Vacuum vents.

  • Vacuum furniture cushions, if you don't have pets.

  • Vacuum/dust baseboards.

  • Wash baseboards.

  • High & Low dust.**

  • Wash ceiling fan.

  • Wash doors and frames.

  • Wash window frames, sills and tracks.

  • Wash widows in & out

  • Ironing

  • Laundry

  • Sweep garage floor.**

  • Grout cleaning on floors.

  • Spot clean windows.

  • Wash light fixtures, if possible.

  • Vacuum cat towers and pet furniture.

  • Dust wood blinds.

  • Dust walls and wainscoting.

  • Dust and wash radiators.

  • Recycling and trash removal from all easily accessible wastebaskets.

  • Home staging for real estate agents.


Items marked with ** required advance notice as special tools and equipment are needed.



  • Clean shower/tub enclosure.

  • Clean toilet, base, and any exposed plumbing.

  • Dust all exposed surfaces. 

  • Clean countertop.

  • Clean sink and backsplash.

  • Clean mirror. 

  • Polish TP holder, towel racks and plumbing fixtures.

  • Hand wash floors.

  • Dust light fixture(s).

  • Vacuum.

  • Hand wash floor.


  • Wall tile grout cleaning.

  • Floor tile grout cleaning.

  • Clean inside of empty medicine cabinet. All items must be removed

Bedroom Tasks



  • Stage bed and pillows.

  • Dust all accessible surfaces.

  • Vacuum floors.

  • Mop hard floors.


  • Leave sheets on bed and bedding will be changed. Will take extra time if not built into your plan.





  • Spot clean cabinet fronts.

  • Deep scrub stove top, front and range hood. 

  • Deep scrub sink.

  • Polish water fixtures.

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave.

  • Clean all counter tops.

  • Dust other surfaces.

  • Wash backsplash by stove top and sink.

  • Wipe clean all appliances.

  • Wash outside of easily accessible trash cans.

  • Vacuum floors.

  • Mop hard floors.




  • Clean inside of refrigerator and freezer. Must be unplugged.

  • Polish stainless steel appliances.

  • Wash cabinet fronts.

  • Vacuum and clean cabinet interiors.

  • Floor tile grout cleaning.

  • Empty toaster tray.

Things We Don't Do


  • Clean oven interiors.

  • Clean animal waste.

  • Carpet cleaning.

  • Cat litter boxes.

  • Clean/dust metal Venetian blinds.

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